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Rob Ellen is a Scottish Music Promoter, Presenter and international Stravager

“Medicine in the modern sense is perceived to be a treatment for ailment, but in the ancient sense, particularly in the minds of Native Americans, Medicine is “all that is good in nature connecting the spiritual world with the physical. The Medicine of music can be a direct connection with all it is to be human and also our best prescription for the disconnecting-ailments of our modern culture”

Rob Ellen 

Rob has been involved in music development in Scotland for over 35 years. He keeps a trail open around the Highlands in particular for touring roots musicians, small combos and bands. He helped found and continues to help organise Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival. He also organises Tartan Heart fringe events and The Trailer Trash and Potting Shed Stage at Belladrum which will be 20 years old in 2024.


He founded the European House Concert Hub, this network instrumental in the rise of House Concerts across Europe, edits Flyinshoes Review, an open source Roots Music Bloggers & Broadcaster one stop facility for current info on Roots Music releases, tours and live streams. His broadcast experience comes from presenting the widely syndicated Medicine Show Health & Happiness Hour for 15 years from Loch Broom FM in The Highlands, before taking it all on the road in 2016 living in and broadcasting live streams from two internet TV ready Campervans (RV’s), the Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobiles, one this side and one stateside. In those 7 years he has travelled some 150,000 miles visiting 14 countries, 25 States of the Union and 4 Canadian provinces in support of independently minded musicians, community venues, festivals and house concerts.

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During the pandemic Rob spent the time developing iMTV -international Moose TV to help beleaguered artists replace gigs by live streaming to his entire social network, with some 50 family fold broadcast partner artists now all taking advantage of over twenty Roots Music dedicated social media outlets with over 30,000 followers world wide,  many of whom Rob has met on his travels,  Broadcast with, publicised shows they were involved in, or attending. This now has proven to be a very powerful promotional asset in its self and is particularly adept for launching singles, videos, albums, selling tickets for Festivals and other events.

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Rob has been on the road for the last 7 years on this mission.

He will tour many of The Medicine Show family fold around Europe through “The Medicine Show Radio Revue” and is working on taking Euro Artists to Canada and America next year, and now some of the Stateside artists are bringing their fans over for Rob Ellen’s Magical Musical History & Mystery Tours – Rob says “All of this allows me to pursue my other passion “History”! – I make a point of researching where I am at any given time and blogging on the history of the place I find myself in, I’m delighted to say these blogs have proven just as popular as the music broadcasts and both have lead to me hosting and organising the music for four History and Heritage tours of Scotland.” More info coming soon.

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This all took off in 2012 when he travel 6,500 miles arraigned  23 shows, 10 Radio Stations and 7 countries,  with a first year Scottish Music Student, to get to WOMEX in Greece where he was invited to talk on DIY Music. The Highland tour has become a pilgrimage with American Musicians in particular, wishing to trace the roots of “The Great American Song Book” back to its home in the Highlands. Rob says, “I am fascinated by the song lines and tracing the roots of music, but equally fascinated with the contemporary shoots that keep it all alive and well”.

A full integrated conventional and digital media promotion service for the independently minded musician, The Medicine Show does way more than any other publicist and/or booking agent. Our role is to connect Independently minded Musicians with their support structure through traditional and social media, by sharing content on old-fashioned CD where necessary, but increasingly via digital delivery downloads coupled with Facebook/ Twitter / Instagram connectivity supported by our unrivalled data base of broadcasters and publications ( Many The Moose would have now visited on its travels ) and backed up by our own Social Media TV Station iMtv -international Moose TV 

“I don’t think I’ve been more proud of a current roster as I am now!

Rob Says
We are currently promoting a Louise Goffin single & C. Daniel Boling ‘s Tom Paxon collaboration released both launched on iMtv and  release through Medicine Show Promo to the European media in  August 2023  and picking up plays and plaudits everywhere , Tremoloco released to media August too and doing its Tex/Mex magic, Brian Kalinec 2 months in The Euro American Chart, still picking up plaudits and plays and recently toured here on the back of it , Doug Rorrer airing on the best specialist radio across Europe now “
Coming soon Stephanie Urbina Jones “Manuel’s Destiny” launches at The Grand Ole Oprey 22nd September and launches to The Euro media with Medicine Show Promo – then there is the small matter of Phil Lee – The Mighty King Of Love and “Every Time I Close My Eyes I See Blood” flying our way like a well targeted knife.
Autumn looks like a truly golden period for us. (stay tuned) here is our Spotify Family Fold Play List 
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Medicine Show Records is the song releasing arm of Independent Music force Medicine Show Promo
Medicine Show Promo and Medicine Show Records promotes  independently minded music to the Media – social and traditional in the form of themed compilations albums.. This our latest release  is our 20th Media release and features 14 artists from the 2022 re-release with 10 more new tracks added for 2023, all artists we have helped and broadcast through the plague, before and after. This Band Camp facility has built up into a library of over 20 compilation and 200 songs all donated to the cause by artist we have helped on the road and across the media, all downloads are free – by donation and all funds go to help keep The Medicine Show on The Road.

These collections are promoted in conjunction with the European House Concert Hub, Flyinshoes Review and iMTV – international Moose TV through The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile.

The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobiles are two internet TV ready Campervans (RV’s), one this side and one stateside. The Merican Moose was crowed funded by Moose Followers (Thank-you) and is a community resource the idea is it helps Euro Artists Travel Stateside, its currently in Calgary Alberta Canada. contact Rob if you have an event that would benefit from some Moose sized promo


Medicine Music YouTube Channel

This is our Video Archive and also our iMTV – international Moose TV Live stream open access outlet.  Please do subscribe to receive notifications when we post videos or indeed go live from the road, from a gig or from the back of one of the vans. If you would like iMtv coverage and promotion for your event Contact us here 

Rob’s particular interest, is supporting and setting up House Concerts.

“This is the best way to experience music in a warm and intimate environment, i.e. a private house or your home”. to this end Rob maintains the Euro House Concert Hub, a place for artists, guests and hosts to social network. for more info.


“Please do stay and have a wander round our new web site, thanks go to Alan & Emma Greer at Fixtronic Scotland in Nairn for their support, help with the website and all other things at all technical, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about the whacky world of The Medicine Show, it is completely Publicly funded on your donations and is completely at your disposal “ 

Rob Ellen, Publicist Presenter and international Stravaiger!


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